The scope of additional services of HLS Eurocustoms24

If your needs in the field of import or export customs clearance exceed the „standard” order, we will be happy to help to answer them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The most frequent

  • questions and problems of our clients, which we provide help with, include:
  • releasing goods at the port or at the airport,
  • taking over obligations towards sea shipowners and securing port fees (A-08 to A-18),
  • organizing warehouses in Gdynia, Hamburg or Bremerhaven,
  • transport of goods,
  • issues related to veterinary or phytosanitary clearance,
  • appealing against the decision of the Polish or German customs office
  • applying for a refund of VAT paid in Germany,
  • other issues related to the customs clearance of goods that go beyond the standard order,

Please contact us directly at the selected branch or fill the contact form in order to be able to help us solve your unusual problem related to customs clearance when importing or exporting goods.