Who are we?

HLS Eurocustoms24 is a customs agency that has been helping clients with customs clearance for years. Thanks to our rich, international experience, we are able to provide service to each customer, taking care of reducing unnecessary costs and speeding up the time of goods clearance. We deal with all formalities comprehensively, from checking the customs codes you provide, to VAT exemption, thanks to which you and your company can save valuable time and money.

Our branches

Our branches are in Hamburg and Gdynia, but we also have partners in Rotterdam. Thanks to many years of experience and international contacts, we are able to fulfill the obligations for you, giving you the possibility of exemption from VAT payments in Germany and the Netherlands.

How do we operate?


We are a team of specialists who have helped to manage thousands of customs clearances for all kinds of goods from various parts of the world. We take responsibility for the high level of service, resulting from many years of experience.


We are aware of the importance of the time that you can devote to the development of your company. We will adapt to your needs and implement simplified procedures, while maintaining a high standard of service and efficiency in operation.


Since we had started our agency, we have helped over 4500 clients. We meet all the necessary standards and formal requirements and we use proven, certified tools for handling customs, transit and other related services.