Fast and trouble-free customs clearance in Poland and Europe.

Customs clearance procedures in the country and abroad require the importer or exporter to be familiar with the regulations and experienced in correctly completing and submitting mandatory documents.

There are many formalities required by law that every company importing goods from abroad – a trading company, production company or shipping company – must complete. Any negligence in this matter causes official problems, and excessively long procedures – unnecessary delays in the delivery of goods.

The wide range of services that we offer allows us to help our clients with all formalities related to the import and export of goods – preparation of necessary documents and official matters. Thanks to many years of experience and determination in providing services at the highest level, we act quickly and accurately.

HLS Eurocustoms services in the field of customs clearance:

  • Customs clearance in Poland under the normal procedure,
  • Customs clearance in Poland under simplified procedure 33A,
  • Import customs clearance using the Atlas electronic system in Germany,
  • Fiscal customs clearance – as a registered fiscal representative in Germany (and via the network partners also in the Netherlands ) we will fulfill our obligations for customers, giving the possibility of exemption from VAT payments during import customs clearance of goods.
  • Veterinary in the case of goods of animal origin,
  • Phytosanitary declaration in the case of wooden packaging clearance.