Fiscal clearance in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – Your way to avoid the obligation to pay VAT at customs clearance.

Fast capital turnover is the source of success for many companies. On the other hand, the longer your money is „frozen” in tax offices, the lower your profits. Do you want to avoid the long waiting time for a VAT refund and save money thanks to shorter and cheaper goods clearance?

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by import customs clearance of goods in one of the EU countries, e.g. in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium – postpone the payment of VAT and reap a number of benefits.

Goods admitted to trading via fiscal agency in another EU country go to Poland as an EU one as part of intra-community delivery of goods. According to the Act on tax on goods and services of March 11, 2004, the tax obligation in the intra-Community acquisition of goods in Poland arises on the 15th day of the month following the month in which the goods being the subject of intra-Community acquisition were made.

The VAT on the goods imported and cleared in this way is shown in the VAT declaration as charged and due at the same time. Settlement is made only on paper and offers the possibility of deferring tax payment.

Import customs clearance of goods originating from outside the EU, intended for a recipient in Poland, performed by an authorized fiscal intermediary in Germany (or another EU country) allows for avoiding VAT payments at the time of clearance. When the goods are released for free circulation in the territory of the EU member states, the importer is only obliged to pay customs duty.

Customs clearance in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium – a summary of the benefits:

  • You can freely turn your capital and multiply your profits. The money that you would have to spend to pay VAT on customs in Poland may remain in your company’s account, allowing for further investments.
  • You will reduce the costs associated with the customs clearance of goods. Fiscal customs clearance of goods in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium will allow you to eliminate the costs associated with the issuance of the T1 document (without which the uncleared goods cannot leave the port) and customs clearance of the goods in Poland. Instead of many procedures, your goods will only undergo one clearance. Fiscal clearance in Germany must be reported to the competent tax office in Poland – the fact of intra-Community acquisition of goods can be easily reported by submitting the VAT-EU declaration.
  • You will clear the goods faster and reduce the costs of their storage. Thanks to the Atlas customs system uniform throughout Germany, in Germany you will clear your goods faster, shortening their waiting time at the customs office and minimizing the associated costs. You can freely dispose of the already cleared goods.